Acura Has Big Plans To Broaden Its Lineup With More Type S Cars And SUVs

Source: MotorIllustrated

This rebirth, spawned in part by the all-new Acura TLX, could bring back the Acura we all love and remember.

Without going all the way back to Acura's glory years, Honda's luxury brand was doing well in most respects up until the late 2000s. Bad design decisions, which gave birth to the "beak", and other such mistakes lead Acura astray. But now, there's hope and the all-new 2021 TLX is only the beginning. In the next two years, we can expect more Type S variants and a new compact sedan.

This series of Acura-related news was shared on acurazine.com. A link to a 2020 Acura dealer webcast was posted but regrettably, someone removed its content. Fortunately, screenshots were taken and this is the important one.

We now have most of the information on the 2021 TLX and for the moment, it all seems very promising. A Type S iteration of the MDX is coming and by the look of the X-axis, it's probably not that far off. We are assuming that Acura won't muck about and will in fact drop the turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine with 10-speed automatic transmission into the MDX. With a potential 400+horsepower, it could become an affordable Audi SQ7 alternative.

This leads us to the 2022 Acura "new compact sedan" and so many questions. The current ILX was recently facelifted and upgraded and despite being an "interesting" car, it fails to spark concrete interest from enthusiasts and, more importantly, buyers. The chart refers not to an ILX but its replacement and the fact that it will also be offered in Type S guise. In the past, Canada was privy to the 2007 Acura CSX type S which was a recalibrated and polished Civic Si. Back then, there was no Civic Type R but it's around now...

We would love to see Acura take the Civic Type R and remake an Integra Type R out of it but that car's time has passed. More than likely, we will see a new compact Acura with either a healthy turbocharged 1.5-litre from the Civic Si or possibly with the new TLX's boosted 2.0-litre. Finally, the next generation of the Honda Civic should be less than two years away and with will come a new Type R - an electrified AWD Type R... Maybe it's not too late for a hardcore compact Acura after all.

So many questions! So many possibilities! We only hope that Acura will run with all this excellent potential and return to its rightful spot alongside Audi and BMW.

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