2019 Acura ILX Offer



Lease From $88/weekly With $4,600 Down At 1.9%
For 36 Months
Receive a Cash Rebate Of Up To $1,000

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  • JEWEL EYE LED™ HEADLIGHTS - Jewel Eye™ LED headlights
  • REMOTE ENGINE STARTER - The standard bi-directional key fob allows you to send requests to your ILX, including lock, unlock, and engine start.
  • The 8-speed dual-clutch transmission with torque converter is engineered for rapid, yet smooth transitions.
  • THE POWER OF SOUND - Developed by Grammy Award®*-winning music producer Elliot Scheiner, the available ELS Studio® Premium Audio System transforms your ILX into a personal soundstage.
  • AVAILABLE APPLE CARPLAY™ AND ANDROID AUTO™ - Apple CarPlay™* and Android Auto™* connect you to your car like never before.
  • AUTOMATIC CLIMATE CONTROL - GPS tracks the sun’s position while a solar sensor measures its intensity in order to maintain the system’s set temperature for each of the dual climate zones.
  • SAFETY LED BY ACURAWATCH™ - An array of driver safety and assistive technologies, AcuraWatch™ is designed to give you the freedom to more fully enjoy the drive, and is standard on the ILX.